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  1. Why can't i see arabic lessons displayed on the website like the other languages are?

    Sadly at this time does not have support for Arabic script.  What this means to you is that any lessons that use Arabic script must be typed in to a document that can be downloaded. However there is one place where you can use Arabic script. In the Arabic chat room under the Coffee Shop page.

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Posting Lessons

  1. How can I contribute a lesson about my native language?

    Its quite easy actually, most of the pages are or will be set up with editable wiki pages. You can simply add on to a previous lesson or start a new subpage with a new topic to build your lesson on.

    If you think that the information that another member posted is inaccurate then please be cuouteous and contact them first before making a change.  We wask that before you edit any wiki's you sign up as a member this way we all know who posted what lessons and if you have questions you can contact the author directly from the member's page.

    We hope that Syntaxis Sanctums will be a place for rich discussions in the field of linguistics and hope that you will help us to foster a strong happy community through your contributions.

  2. I went to the lessons page but I don't see any lessons.

    Well it is possible that there are not any lessons but you can verify it by trying this method.

    To the right of the lessons page you will see the "Wiki Navigation". Click this and you will see the list of available lessons. Choose a lesson that you find interesting. If you need help email us with your question. If we do not know the answer then we can find someone who does. Thank you so much for your interest in learning. Please enjoy

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