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Welcome to the Coffee Shop.

Want to chat in your language or with someone in the language you are studying?   This is the place to be.  Click on the name of the language you want to chat in and a pop up chat window will appear.


The rules here are simple.

  • Keep profanity to a minimum (if you are a minor or offended by occasional profanity then do not enter the chat.  It is seen as a living part of any language and the limited use of profanity will not be banned.)
  • You may talk about politics, but you may not make threats or seditious statements, towards, or about any world government. And we will not be held responsible for such behavior.
  • You may talk about religion, however you may not make threats or disparaging comments about any belief system whether or not a person of that faith is present or not.
  • Absolutely NO pornography.  There are other places for that.
  • You will not use this service to organize any form of illegal activity.  

You may report abuse of this system to us by clicking the Contact Us link up top.  Please include in your report the name of the individual, or individuals, the nature of the comments and exact wording if possible as well as the date and time of the incident. 

If you are found to be in violation of any of these rules you may be subject to banishment from this site.

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